trying to go to dance class

M loves to dance.  He watches YouTube videos and can mimic moves with some surprising ability.  It’s always been his secret talent.  He will rarely dance in public or in front of strangers but for us and for his friends and teachers at school he lets loose. So I signed him  and M2 up for a ballet & hip-hop class.  I was super hopeful that since he loves to dance, that he could handle a dance class.  I knew it would take some time to settle in, but unfortunately, I think M’s delay in “settling in” is causing the teacher to stress which in turn is causing M anxiety.  He is truly a people pleaser, and when he feels someone is unhappy with him, the anxiety starts.  But when he is anxious, he starts to “sensory seek,” and this looks like running into walls and spinning in circles.

This is one of those times that I so clearly see both his sensory issues and his dysmaturity. He can’t handle being too close to other kids in class.  He can’t handle the amount of sitting it takes to get through the stretching part of the class.  He acts younger than the youngest kid in the class which he is nearly a year and a half older than.

I can see the other parents in the class squirming at my child’s behavior. I see the other kids behavior deteriorating as my kid runs circles around the dance studio.

And then I feel torn.  Do I quit before he has time to truly settle into the routine of the class? Do I stick it out and deal with the judgment?  How much do I am inform the teacher about M’s issues?   I already feel unwelcome.  The teacher and the other parents are already giving off that vibe.  It’s been 4 weeks.  How much time is enough time?  Am I pushing him to do too much?

Quitting is not my thing.  But neither is failure.   I am caught in the crossroads here.  I think this is the situation where I just pray and wait for the teacher to tell me not to register for the next session.



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